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About :

A crumbler is a roller mill with rolls specially designed for breaking up pellets into smaller particles. Usually the crumbler consists of two corrugated rolls situated below the cooler/drier exit. The pellets can then be diverted into the crumbler.

  • 1.The Crumbler Roller are made of very durable chilled cast iron thus reducing the operational cost.Crumble Roller are easy to exchange.
  • 2.One roller is fixed and other is adjustable & Spring loaded in order to adjust the gap between two rollers. Rolle gap can vary from 0 to 5mm.
  • 3.Feeding material size is maximum 15 to 18 mm
  • 4.Rollers are dynamically balanced.Capacitation available from 2.5 to 15 TPH.

Features :
  • 1.Excellent reliability and superb performance
  • 2.Flexible enough to meet the requirements of the customer
  • 3.Highly durable and long life servicing because it has got a robust design
  • 4.Our Crumbler has a by-pass operated by manual flap
  • 5.Easy to operate

Models :
MODEL Roller Size Power hp Power For Feeder (HP) CAPACTY TPH Roller Gap Adjustment
KACR 1 200x800 1.5x2 1 1 TPH Manual
KACR 2.5 200x1000 2x2 1 2.5 TPH Manual
KACR 5 200x1200 3x2 1 5 TPH Manual
KACR 7.5 200x1500 5x2 1 7.5 TPH Manual
KACR 10 250x1200 7.5x2 1.5 10 TPH Manual
KACR 15 250x1500 10x2 1.5 15 TPH Manual/Electronic Control
KACR 20 250x1800 12.5x2 1.5 20 TPH Manual/Electronic Control