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Fish Feed

In order to make feed nutrients for sinking fish feed be absorbed by fishes to the greatest extent, pelleted sinking fish feed made by fish feed should have good stability. On the other hand, because the digestive tract of fishes is short, the ripening degree of pelleted sinking fish feed has great influence on the growth of fishes. So the ripening degree is an important factor for identifying feed quality. Sinking characteristic of sinking fish feed in another important factor. Good quality sinking fish feeds can all sink in the water and the fishes can consume it.

Fish Feed Flow Chart

Advantages Of Sinking Fish Feed

  • Sinking Fish Feed Pellets also know as a hard pellet, are more economical.
  • Sinking feed will have water stability of up to an hour, and will gradually sink and settle on the bottom if uneaten.
  • Since ingredients are pressed together it makes it impossible for the fish to selectively eat the ingredients they want.
  • Sinking pellets are adapted to mechanical feeding and can be handled considerably without deterioration.
  • Sinking pellets are sometimes used in winter when the fish do not regularly surface.
  • Pelleting some feeds it can be avoided to harm some ingredients which do not like the extrusion process.