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About Double Shaft Mixer

Features :
  • 1.W shape horizontal mixing chamber with dual shaft and multi paddles.
  • 2.Dual outlet doors are specially designed for maximum clean out
  • 3.Pneumatic door opening system.
  • 4.Liquid spraying system at the top for blending of liquids.
  • 5.Diversified applications like animal feed, Food, Spices, Pharmachemicals, Fertilizer industry etc.
  • 6.CV (coefficient of variation) - <=3 depending upon the material being mixed.
  • 7.MOC in various grades like SS-304, SS-316, SS316L and MS.
  • 8.Sturdy and robust construction
  • 9.Soft and gentle mixing without increase in temperature.

Models :
MODEL Batch Capacity In Ltrs. Power in H. P.
KADSPM-500 500 10
KADSPM-1000 1000 20
KADSPM-2000 2000 40
KADSPM-3000 3000 50