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About Medicine Mixer

A Medicine Mixer is a type of mixer used in Medical and pharmaceutical Industries and include operations like These include preparing fine emulsions, reducing particle size, carrying out chemical reactions, manipulating rheology, dissolving components, facilitating heat transfer, etc.

Features :

  • Mixing machines play a crucial role in the development and manufacture of Medicine or pharmaceutical products & Cattle, Poultry Premixes to satisfy these needs Medicine Mixer is used.
  • In order to ensure the efficiency of pharmaceutical powder and premixes, our mixers are designed in such way that the material must be able to mix and blend active ingredients with the utmost precision.
  • At the same time every variable during the pharmaceutical manufacturing process along with premix process must be tightly controlled so that it does not negatively impact the active ingredients.
  • Our pharmaceutical and premix mixer find state-of-the-art mixing technology matched with comprehensive validation and regulatory expertise.

Models :
1 KAPM-50 1
2 KAPM-100 2
3 KAPM-150 3
4 KAPM-200 4