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About Counter Flow Cooler

About :

Feed pellet cooler is a key piece of equipment for cooling and dehumidifying the hot and humid pellets feed after granulating.

The temperature of the pellet that has just been suppressed from the Pellet mill is about 60~90 degree Celsius, and the moisture is about 14% ~ 16%. Such pellet feeds are soft, brittle and deteriorated. It must be cooled to reduce the moisture content of finished products to about 10% .When the temperature drops to near room temperature (3~5 degree Celsius), packaging, transportation and safe storage are needed.

When the feed pellets from the feed pellet mill pass through the cooler, they contact with the surrounding air. As long as the atmosphere is not saturated, the water will be taken away from the surface of the pellets. The moisture in the pellets moves to the surface under the action of the capillary, and the moisture is separated from the pellets under the action of evaporation, so that the feed pellets are cooled. At the same time, the heat absorbed by the air heats the air and improves the water capacity of air. The air is continuously drained away by the fan, and the heat and moisture of the feed pellets in the cooler are taken away.

Pneumatically or Motorized Discharge Gates :

The Khare Agromech Counter Flow Cooler ( KACF ) is very effective for cooling the pellets coming out from pellet mill which are required to be cooled near room temperature and to remove excess moisture and heat so as to improve the shelf life. The counter flow cooling principle is adopted in this cooler.

  • 1.First in first out principle ensures complete cooling of the pellets to improve working effencies a unique pellet distributes the pellets evenly in cooling chamber.
  • 2.Level sensor are provided with timer to control level of pellets inside the cooling chamber
  • 3.Minimum pellet breakage.
  • 4.Unique sliding valve discharger ensures 100% cleanout.
  • 5.Side wall and upper tapper cane are in S.S. 304 and reinforced with M.S. pipes, hard glass inspection door.
  • 6.Solid base.

Models :
MODEL Size Capacity tph Power hp
KACF 1 9x9 1 1
KACF 2.5 12x12 2.5 1.5
KACF 5 14x14 5 2
KACF 7.5 18x18 7.5 2
KACF 10 20x20 10 2
KACF 15 24x24 15 2
KACF 20 28x28 20 2