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Feed mixers are used in feed mills for the mixing of feed ingredients and premixes. The mixer plays a vital role in the feed production process, with efficient mixing being the key to good feed production. If feed is not mixed properly, ingredients and nutrients will not be properly distributed when it comes time to extrude and pelletize the feed, or if the feed is to be used as mash. This means that not only would the feed not have nutritional benefit, it would be bad for the animals that are eating it.

We manufacture different types of industrial Mixer & Blenders which assures evenly Mixing of different Ingredients in various industries. The mixing may be powder - powder or powder - liquid. These may be continuous or batch type depending upon the application of blender. These mixers or blenders are designed for coefficient of variation ( CV ) less than or equal to 7. In batch type of mixers ratio of working volume and total volume are maintained to advisable level.

Our industrial mixers and blenders are widely used in Animal Feed Sector, Premix manufacturing, Paint Industry, Pharma Industry, food Industry & chemical Industries etc.

Industries etc. Discharge and Feeding of Mixer may be Manual, gravity, Pneumatic or with feeders like air Lock, screw feeder, belt feeder as per the requirement.