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About 3000 kg/hr (HSSB 1000) H-Series

HSSB-Series is a batch type machine in which grinding & mixing is performed simultaneously and cycle is continuously running.

  1. Mixer is of ribbon type which ensures 100 % mixing (CV < 7).
  2. H-Series is used to manufacture poultry feed, cattle feed, goat feed, shrimps feed & fertilizers.(For dry materials & mash type only) oils can be mixed.
  3. Strong & rigid steel construction
  4. High gain in minimum H. P. consumption.
  5. Requires minimum labor.
  6. Requires minimum space.
  7. Medicine/10% can be directly added into mixer through medicine chute.
  8. Foundation is not must.
  9. Minimum noise.
  10. Materials like dry whole fish can be ground with other raw materials.
  11. Machine can be comfortably transferred from one place to other.
  12. After completion of mixing the mixer is empty. When slide gate opens, the material from the storage bin is discharged into the mixer and the cycle is repeated.