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About Conical Mixer

Applications :

Conical Mixer is a machine with a very high degree of efficiency. It is used for mixing dry powder and granules homogeneously. These machines are widely used in pharmaceutical industry to granulate and blend various medicated powders. The conical shape at both ends of the mixer ensures uniform mixing and easy discharge of the powder

Features :
  • 1.All contact parts in Stainless steel.
  • 2.Sturdy and robust construction.
  • 3.Minimum maintenance cost.
  • 4.Available in three phase connection which results in low electricity consumption.
  • 5.100% cleanout.
  • 6.Easy inlet and outlet
  • 7.Uniform and even mixing without heat generation.

Models :
Type Power Requirement Batch Capacity in Litres
Conimix 25 0.50 HP 25
Conimix 50 1.00 HP 50
Conimix 100 2.00 Hp 100
Conimix 150 3.00 HP 150
Conimix 300 5.00 HP 300