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Mash Feed

Mash is a form of a complete feed that is finely ground and mixed so that birds & Cattle cannot easily separate out ingredients & each mouthful provides a well-balanced diet.

Mash Feed is the simplest solid feed form that can be manufactured. It consists of grinding and mixing of all raw materials into the correct proportions to meet nutritional requirements of the birds & Cattle. No additional heat- or compaction treatments are conducted on the feed; hence, energy expenditure to prepare the feed is low compared to pellets and extruded feed.

Mash Feed Plant

Mash Feed Plant is designed to process the feed in mash form to make them suitable for animals & Birds. This plant contains hammer mill or grinders to grind the ingredients and convert it in the powder form in right proportions for availing homogenous feed. It comes with a reliable magnetic separator or Cascade magnet to separate ferrous material like iron particles etc., from the raw material. The Plant is designed such that it emit minimum dust, vibration and noise.

Features of Mash Feed Plant

  • Mash Feed Plant is a batch type Plant in which grinding & mixing is performed simultaneously.
  • Mixer is of ribbon type which ensures 100 % mixing (CV<5)
  • Mash Feed Plant is used to manufacture poultry feed, cattle feed, goat feed, shrimps feed & fertilizers.(For dry materials & mash type only) oils can be mixed.
  • Strong & rigid steel construction.
  • Materials like dry whole fish can be ground with other raw materials.

The plant consists of the following key components

Salient Features :
  • After all ingredients weighing and batch formulation as per requirement the batch is poured manually into the intake dump hopper of feeding bucket elevator.

Salient Features :
  • After dumping of the material into the dump hopper, the slide gate is opened manually to feed the material into bucket elevator.
  • The feeding rate is controlled with the help of rack and pinion mechanism.

Salient Features :
  • The twin type bucket elevator is provided with suction head at the top and boot at the bottom.
  • It lifts the raw material into buffer hopper provided at top of grinder.
  • The head is having an adjustable plate for the material that is falling back downwards.
  • It is Easy to install and have less maintenance.

Salient Features :
  • After material lifting the next step is separation of iron particles from raw material.
  • With the help of double rare type magnet it is possible to make sure a clean material pass to the hammer mill.
  • For cleaning of magnet, S.S plate with magnet is unclamped, separate the S.S plate and magnet by which all the particles that are sticked to magnet falls in collection tray.

Salient Features :
  • The purpose of providing this hopper is to neutralize uneven feeding at intake hopper and ensure uniform and full width feeding to hammer mill.
  • Bin is provided with a sight glasses to facilitate the operator to monitor the high level and low level of the bin and accordingly control the feed rate.
  • Bin is supported with an iron structure.

Salient Features :
  • The Rotary vane feeder above hammer mill Uniformly feeds the raw material to the hammer mill.
  • With the help of (Rotary Vane Feeder) RVF it minimizes the chances of load on hammer mill and encourage the efficiency of hammer mill.
  • Rotary vane feeder is optional.
  • The hammer mill rotor is dynamically balanced.
  • Quick screen changing clamp mechanism is provided that minimizes the time loss during the operation.
  • Vibration mount at foundation reduces the vibration and noise.
  • It is supplied with safety limit switches.
  • Forward and reverse flap is provided for bidirectional rotation.
  • All the machines are provided on a rigid and strong supporting structure.

Salient Features :
  • Purpose of installation of this bin is to increase the output and continuous running of plant.
  • Proper side angle is provided to ensure a free flowing material without jamming.
  • Eye glass is provided at one side for viewing complete discharge of the bin.
  • Man hole is provided at top of bin for cleaning purpose.

Salient Features :
  • Purpose of Slide gate in between the storage bin and mixer is to hold the material in hopper while in the mixer, mixing is in process.
  • After opening of slide gate, material from storage bin enters into the mixer and the cycle is repeated.
  • It is made with heavy C channel frame along with special designed lever to operate the gate smoothly.

Salient Features :
  • Mixer is the key component of the feed milling operation. With the help of proper blender you can achieve growth, production rate and health of animals.
  • Our mixer is made up with double type inner & outer ribbon.
  • Ribbons are made up with 10mm thick plate.
  • With the help of proper angle and fine clearance our mixer CV<5.
  • U trough body made up with 5mm thick plate.
  • A branded made gear box make it able to lift heavy load and mixing the ingredients homogenously.
  • Door at bottom of mixer is provided for maintenance/cleaning purpose.
  • A special provision is provided to the mixer to unload the feed from the mixer if there is a sudden power failure.

Salient Features :
  • The medicine chute is supplied in SS304 grade for direct addition of medicines into mixer.
  • An oil cone along with control valve is provided for oil addition purpose.
  • Staircase with platform and railing is attached to mixer for easy operation while adding medicines and oil into mixer.